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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

FAQ  |  For Regulators

Does the Office get involved in the work of regulators?

No. Fair registration practices are separate from professional practice standards. Regulators are best able to set and maintain standards for their professions to ensure applicants are qualified to practice safely, competently and ethically.

How does the Office ensure regulators comply with the Act?

Regulators review their registration practices and provide the Office with a report and analysis of:

  • Registration requirements
  • Timelines for decision-making
  • Registration fees
  • Registration of internationally educated applicants

The report helps the Office determine compliance with the Act. If the report reveals any barriers to registration, the Office and regulator will work together to eliminate them.

When are regulators required to report to the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner?

As stated in The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act, the Fairness Commissioner will specify when regulators need to review their registration practices and provide a report. The Office will work together with regulators to develop a reporting schedule. Not all regulators will be asked to report at the same time.

Will there be regulations required to comply with the Act?

The Office has developed a Registration Review Process to evaluate regulators’ compliance with the Act. The Office will consider regulations should the Registration Review Process prove insufficient.

When will regulators be consulted about the regulations?

The Office hopes regulations will not be necessary. The Office consulted with regulators during the development of the Registration Review Process.

What support will the Office provide regulators for the renewal of their registration process?

The Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner works collaboratively with regulators and supports their individual needs. We are committed to providing expertise and resources.

What happens if a regulator does not comply with the Act?

The penalty for an offence is a fine of up to $25,000.

Some internationally educated professionals are very frustrated when they contact us. Why is this?

Regulators often get the brunt of internationally educated professionals’ frustration. It is important to understand where it comes from.

Most countries have only one regulator—the national government. Many internationally educated professionals have little or no understanding of how the system works here. Some arrive under the false impression that the Federal Government of Canada has already accepted their qualifications. The news that they have to go through the QR process can come as a devastating shock.

It is important to remember you are talking to a person whose future is at stake, whether they are dealing with shocking news, feeling stressed by underemployment, or are demoralized because their skills are growing stale.

Do you have a tip for handling an internationally educated professional’s frustration?

Separate impact from intention. “I understand you are frustrated by the information I am giving you. I am not trying to frustrate you.”

Some internationally educated professionals contact numerous people in our office, asking the same question repeatedly. Why is this?

Many people are used to flexible rules in their home country. In their experience, people in power can change rules. If you do not provide the answer an internationally educated professional is hoping for, they may seek it from someone else. Or, drawing on their experience where different people provide different answers, they may want to talk to numerous people in your office to ensure the answer they have been given is correct.

Some internationally educated professionals want to tell me their whole life story. How can I handle this when I don’t have time?

Ask specific questions to turn the conversation into a productive exchange of information.

“So you earned your degree in Germany. Do you have your transcripts with you?”

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