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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

Regulated Professions

Professions that require a special licence are called regulated professions. The Government of Manitoba has established self-governing groups called regulators to set standards of practice and ensure that anyone who provides a service in a regulated profession is qualified to do so.

The Law

In Manitoba, it is illegal to work in certain regulated professions or even use the title of the profession unless you have a licence from a regulator. In other regulated professions, you can work but you must register with a regulator to use the title of that profession.

The Licensing Process

The first step to becoming licensed is to contact the regulator of your profession. Visit our links section for contact information.

The licensing process may be long and costly. It will be helpful to learn as much as you can about the process before you begin.

Each regulator in each Canadian province has its own licensing process. Regulators may ask you to do the following to qualify for a licence:

  • Provide proof of your previous education
  • Provide your original degrees, diplomas and certificates, including translated, notarized copies
  • Provide proof of your English language proficiency
  • Provide information about your previous work experience
  • Take one or more upgrading courses
  • Write exams. Many exams are offered in English only. Some exams must be written in another province
  • Complete an assignment
  • Get Canadian work experience
  • Work under supervision throughout the licensing process

If you meet all of the requirements of your regulator and pay the required fees, you will be granted a licence to work in Manitoba.

If you are having a problem getting your licence, visit our links section for information on how to get help.

Implications for Internationally Educated Professionals

The Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner works only with regulated professions specified in The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act. We work collaboratively with regulators to make sure internationally educated professionals are treated fairly in the registration process.

The Office is not a regulator and, therefore, does not assess qualifications or help individuals go through the registration process. It is not our mandate to work with individuals but we are working to change the system to help regulators and internationally educated professionals alike. We hope our efforts have a direct and positive impact on your experience as you apply to register in your profession in Manitoba.

The Office has consulted with many internationally educated professionals to build the processes and programs in place today. We value your perspective and will continue to ask for it to help regulators renew their registration practices.

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