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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

Guiding Principle of the Framework for a Manitoba Strategy on Qualification Recognition:

The Government of Manitoba should take the leadership role to ensure the development of a Manitoba strategy to address the issue of Qualification Recognition and entry to practice of highly skilled immigrants.

Principle 1

Manitoba should ensure highly skilled immigrants have access to the information and resources they need to:

  • Prepare for Qualification Recognition
  • Efficiently enter the labour market

Principle 2

Manitoba should ensure assessing bodies are accountable for their practices. Assessment practices should be fair while maintaining occupational standards.

Principle 3

Manitoba should ensure resources and supports are in place to help highly skilled immigrants enter the labour market efficiently and fairly.

Principle 4

Manitoba should encourage stakeholders to work together to improve the QR process and create models of best practice.

Principle 5

Manitoba should work on joint initiatives with other levels of government when it is appropriate and advantageous.

Principle 6

Manitoba should ensure QR is an ongoing priority for stakeholders. It should work to overcome any attitudes and approaches that are significant barriers to fair QR practices.

Principle 7

Manitoba should encourage and support the involvement of assessing bodies and the public.

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