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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

Preparation-and Pre-migration Assessment

Many internationally educated professionals arrive in Manitoba with little or no understanding of how the system works here. The reality can come as a devastating surprise to those who need to be recognized before they can work in their trade or profession. For many, the QR process stretches over months or even years. They are stressed by underemployment and demoralized because they are not using their skills.

A pre-migration assessment could help avoid this situation. It could help potential immigrants decide whether to immigrate and pursue their trade or profession in Canada. The early reality check could also reduce the disillusionment that comes from not understanding what they need to do to be recognized.


Improve access to pre-migration assessments

Ways to get there…

  • Provide up-to-date information through your website and print publications
  • Provide an online orientation to education, licensing or certification, and employment in Canada
  • Provide online self-assessment tools to help people determine their likely path to recognition in Manitoba
  • Provide details on how and when to start the licensing or certification process
  • List all documents required for a licence or certificate
  • Identify technical skill and English language requirements
  • Communicate any requirements for documents to be translated
  • List exam dates and locations to help people anticipate a timeline
  • List all fees involved in assessment and registration
  • Provide online exam preparation guides and practice tests so people can be well prepared
  • Whenever possible, partner with stakeholders abroad to help ensure potential immigrants are informed about Canada’s regulatory systems
  • Increase information and resources available at centres abroad


Potential immigrants make informed decisions about coming to Canada. They know whether they can expect to be licensed or certified and work in their trade or profession.

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