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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

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QR Process Model

The Journey

Qualification Recognition (QR) is a journey. Like most journeys, it is made of many steps. Our goal is to ensure that for internationally educated professionals, the journey toward meaningful employment and a productive, happy life in Manitoba is clear and reasonable. To the greatest extent possible, we want individuals to understand the road ahead and not feel discouraged or abandoned along the way.

A Sensible Process

The QR Process Model is built on the premise that to move successfully into the Manitoba labour market, internationally educated professionals must be guided and supported through a sensible process. This process must uphold standards of practice, as determined by regulators, while recognizing that individuals can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a number of ways.

Keys to Success

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all individuals who are qualified to work in Manitoba have the opportunity to do so in an efficient manner. As the QR Process Model shows, managing expectations, effective communication and connecting with the right resources at the right time are key to success.

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