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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

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As outlined in the Act, the Fairness Commissioner has a responsibility to review the registration practices of the regulated professions for the purpose of determining compliance and to make recommendations to improve practice.

In the 2016-17 Registration Review OMFC worked with regulators to update information on their registration processes.  The Office reviewed progress made by each regulator since the previous review with focused analysis on the areas of timely registration, recognition of professional work experience and supervised practice opportunities.  OMFC identified opportunities for progress and recommended regulator follow-up.  In response, regulators prepared Action Plans with commitments to move forward and improve practices. Action Plans will be reviewed with regulators on an annual basis with updates posted on this website.


Registration Review Workshop
Group meeting with regulators to:

  • Introduce new Minister and Deputy Minister of Education and Training
  • Present latest data and research
  • Present Fairness Standard and new Guide, focus and process for 2016-17 Registration Review
  • Distribute review schedules
Review and Analysis

  • Receive updates from regulators on assessment and registration processes
  • Review progress since last review
  • Complete analysis of key areas of practice (timeliness of registration process, recognition of professional work experience, supervised practice opportunities)
  • Identify progress opportunities
  • Prepare Progress Report
Progress Report and Meeting
Regulator receives report, which includes:

  • Review of progress regarding fair practice
  • Analysis of progress and challenges in key areas of practices
  • Proposed progress opportunities
  • Fairness Commissioner’s recommendation
  • Meet to discuss progress opportunities and potential actions for follow-up
Action Plan

  • Regulator develops Action Plan
  • Submits Action Plan to OMFC
Statement of Compliance

  • OMFC reviews final Action Plan
  • Fairness Commissioner writes Statement of Compliance
Final Registration Review Report
Regulator receives report, which includes:

  • Review findings
  • Progress Opportunities
  • Regulator’s Action Plan
  • Fairness Commissioner’s Statement of Compliance
Close Out Meeting
Meet with regulator to discuss:

  • Registration Review Report
  • Potential OMFC support for Action Plan
  • How actions will inform relationship moving forward
Make Report Public

  • Submit to Minister of Education and Training
  • Post to OMFC website
  • Submit to other relevant Ministers

Report to the Minister

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