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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner

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As outlined in the Act and at times specified by the Fairness Commissioner, regulators must review their registration practices and provide the Office with a report and analysis of:

  • Registration practices
  • Timelines for decision-making
  • Registration fees
  • Registration of internationally educated applicants

The Registration Review process takes 3 months to complete. OMFC works with the regulator to gain a clear understanding of their registration process. The Office identifies any registration practices that are non-compliant or show a need for improvement. In response, the regulator writes an Action Plan that outlines the actions the regulator will take to refine its registration practices. The Office supports the regulator’s efforts to address these areas of concern.

Block Meeting
Meet with regulators scheduled for the review period to:

  • Present Registration Review process
  • Discuss review schedule
  • Present Fairness Standard and Criteria document
  • Request required documents
Kick Off Meeting
Meet with regulator’s key decision makers to:

  • Launch Registration Review process
  • Set a schedule
  • Collect required documents
  • Plan fieldwork

  • Send questions to regulators
  • Confirm participants
  • Discuss review schedule
  • Collect details not found in public information and policy documents
  • Clarify information
  • Gain understanding of policy and practice
Findings and Recommendations Report
Regulator receives report, which includes:

  • Review findings
  • Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations
  • Request for an Action Plan

Meet to discuss findings and recommendations

Action Plan

  • Regulator develops Action Plan
  • Discusses content with OMFC
  • Submits Action Plan to OMFC
Statement of Compliance

  • OMFC reviews final Action Plan
  • Fairness Commissioner writes Statement of Compliance
Final Registration Review Report
Regulator receives report, which includes:

  • Review findings
  • Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations
  • Regulator’s Action Plan
  • Fairness Commissioner’s Statement of Compliance
Close Out Meeting
Meet with regulator to discuss:

  • Review results
  • Action Plan
  • OMFC support
  • Future relationship and next Registration Review
Make Report Public

  • Post to OMFC website
  • Submit to Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • Submit to other relevant Ministers

Report to the Minister

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