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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations, the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors  proposed the following action plan as of June 2013.

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
1. That AMLS review and revise its assessment and registration process, including its academic requirements to realize a fairer, more accessible and timely pathway to licensure.


The current academic requirements are the same in 8 out of ten Provinces with only Quebec and Ontario having different evaluation regimes. Quebec requires a degree in Geomatic Engineering from Laval University which is essentially the same as having a CBEPS certificate (this is an engineering degree granting programme) ,which Manitoba Requires. Ontario evaluates candidates on a competency based evaluation which is as rigorous as obtaining a CBEPS certificate. This competency based evaluation system was established by the Ontario Land Surveyors Association with the help of the Ontario government and required an investment of several hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as significant resources. This system allows for a different way to assess candidates but is shown to be no shorter in duration.

The AMLS Professional Registration requirements are entrenched in the Land Surveyors Act Chapter L60. Changes to this process will require amendment to the Legislation. The professional article time is currently two years under the supervision of a registered Manitoba Land Surveyor with an examination requirement at the end of this article period, which involves six written examinations and one oral interview. This process allows the candidate the core knowledge necessary to practise Land Surveying in the Current Manitoba Property Rights System.

Action Plan:

The AMLS has presented a new Land Surveyors Act to the Government which will allow for flexibility in our registration process. This flexibility will allow for alternative evaluations of candidates such as exemptions from Professional exams based on Prior Knowledge gained by the applicant in a specific area of expertise. The new Act will also allow our Association to comply with existing Labour Mobility Legislation.

The board of examiners of the AMLS have been asked to review specific policies for the assessment and examination of foreign-trained candidates that recognizes previous work experience.

It is also recognized that better information on registration requirements have to be presented to applicants. This relates to both the academic and professional requirements. The AMLS is currently in the process of revamping its website where a section dedicated to Foreign trained professionals will better set out the process, and provide details on costs and time frames that candidates can expect.

The AMLS is also working closely with the CBEPS (Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors) to make material required for the academic exams readily available to all candidates. A study guide for several subjects is being developed to better assist candidates.

Courses that are eligible for exemption at Red River College are being presented to CBEPS on an ongoing basis and AMLS works closely with Red River College in this endeavour to provide a local venue of expertise where Foreign Trained candidates can gain academic exemptions from a local school while being employed in the industry.

In addition more and more courses that qualify for academic exemptions are being offered online from educational institutes in Canada. AMLS will provide links to these courses and will direct candidates to these courses through our website.

Assistance to foreign-trained applicants in the form of a mentor who will guide the applicant in obtaining the local knowledge required to practise Land Surveying will be investigated. This will supplement the existing articles, which the applicant serves under a Manitoba Land Surveyor and will help bridge the gap for candidates to allow them a better understanding of the Manitoba Property Rights System.

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