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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s Recommendations, the Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of July 2013. 

1. With regard to the assessment and registration information, that CGA Manitoba provide clear, complete and accurate information about:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.The annual registration fee due upon completion of the CGA Program;

CGA-MB will develop a graduation section on our public website which will outline all the requirements to graduate as a CGA, including the membership dues.

b.Realistic costs and time range information for the CGA Program;

Can only provide examples of a few scenarios for posting to There are too many variables associated with each prospective student application, i.e. number of exemptions awarded, whether or not their degree meets CGA degree requirement, to be able to provide “strict” rules for costs and time frames.

c.Alternative documentation;

CGA-Manitoba needs to research the topic before we can develop a formal policy on acceptable alternative documentation. Consultation with other CGA affiliate offices and international documentation verification services (i.e. WES or IQAS) will be conducted to create the policy on Alternative Documentation.

d.English language proficiency policies, making clear that an English language proficiency test is not a requirement for application into the CGA Program.

Application for Advanced Standing International Transcripts will be revised to state, “…if available…”

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