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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the self-identified Compliance Issues, the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of February 2013.

Compliance IssuesAction PlanComplete
Fees and fee payment options

• Fees and costs need some clarification

Add cost of credential evaluation to “Certification and Registration Process” with a note that the WES ICAP reduces the document duplication.

Add costs of GAP Training $400-$600 per course and that it is self-directed (done within course requirements).
Financial support opportunities

• No information on available funding and financial supports

Add to the “Time and Cost” a link to any sites that OMFC provides re: financial support (i.e. SEED program).
A realistic sense of time range and how long the entire process takes

• Time expectations not as accurate as they could be

Add to “Time and Cost” after “It can take…” add “On average, the entire process takes 18 months to 2 years to complete.”
Alternative documentation opportunities are avail and clearly explained

• Nothing on the website regarding alternative documentation

Will be contacting the 3rd party assessor (CSMLS) and discuss what information would be allowed on our website (where needed, dealt on a case by case bases)
Criminal records policy is warranted and clearly explained

• Criminal record policy not posted on website

Will post criminal record policy on CMLTM website
Applicants are informed of their access to records and the process for requesting records.

• No policy dealing with access to records.

Create policy for “Access to Records” and post on website

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