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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the self-identified Compliance Issues, the College of Podiatrists of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of March 2013.

Compliance IssuesAction PlanComplete
COPOM website has limited accessibility to necessary documents and lacks expectation timeframe and process.

Revision of website to include page specifically for this purpose and streamline down and uploading documents.

Existing Bylaws state that fluency in English OR French is prerequisite for licensing within COPOM. In accordance with The Regulated Health Professions Act, this will be changed to English.

This will be made explicit on Website after modification is made to Bylaws.

In conversations with the Fairness Commissioner, it has been drawn to our attention that requiring applicants supply criminal records checks from their home jurisdictions may be redundant given the check undertaken by the Federal Government as a condition of immigrating. We remained concerned by the lack of documentation CIC will provide for these checks. However we recognize that the checks performed by CIC will be as thorough and often more thorough than what applicants can provide.

We will adjust COPOM’s criminal records check policy such that applicants will no longer have to provide checks from their home countries. All checks still need to be current and consequently there may be circumstances where applicants will need to supply Canadian checks and if they have returned home, new checks from their home jurisdiction.

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