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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the self-identified Compliance Issues, the Denturist Association of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of February 2013. 

Compliance IssuesAction PlanComplete
Application does not indicate what training, other than denturism we will accept.

We will add a statement in our registration package indicating that we would accept training in denturism and dentistry, but not dental technology from another country.

Application does not indicate what skills will be assessed during prior learning assessment.Include more information on prior learning assessment and what skills are assessed. Applicants skills will be assessed on making complete and partial dentures.

Website is lacking information on registration process. Update website to include more information about our registration process. Required documentation, detailed listing of fees, timelines, information about exams, appeal information will all be included. We will also include more information about the internship and what is required to successfully complete an internship.

English and French language proficiency requirements need improvements.We will discuss options that may work better for our organization with the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner.

Information on alternate careers in the dental field for applicants turned down for internships is not available.We will ensure we have this information available for applicants who do not make it through the application process.

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