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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s Recommendations, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of July 2013. 

1. With regard to the assessment and registration information, that ICAM provide clear, complete and accurate information about:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.Realistic cost and time range information for the CPA PREP and CPA PEP programs;

While the information for prospects will indicate that a maximum of six years will be allowed for completion of each of the newly developed CPA PREP and PEP programs, we will not have any historical data to be able to provide realistic cost and time range information for a year or two. However, we will develop a planned approach to integrate such details, which may include estimates as opposed to actual experience in the shorter term.

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
2. That ICAM work with CPA Program stakeholders to develop and implement a strategy to recognize qualifications evident in an applicant’s professional work experience;

ICAM will continue to work with CPA partners with an end goal of developing a competency based framework that recognizes applicants’ professional work experience relative to their educational qualifications.

3. With respect to the appeal process, that  ICAM:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.Provide complete, clear and accurate appeal information in the registration material and in its assessment result letters, including timelines and the process to initiate appeal;

ICAM agrees with the recommendation and will ensure that complete, clear, and accurate reassessment and appeal information is included in the registration material, including the timelines and process to initiate the appeal.

b.Ensure all national assessment decisions in the CPA PREP and CPA PEP programs are subject to appeal and appeal information is presented in the registration material and accompanies assessment decisions subject to appeal.

ICAM will work with regional and national CPA partners to ensure that all CPA assessment decisions are subject to appeal and that related information is presented in the applicable information.

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