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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the self-identified Compliance Issues, the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists proposed the following action plan as of March 2013. 

Compliance IssuesAction PlanComplete
There is a need to improve MARRT’s Information provided to applicants.• Submit request for funding to OMFC to update website providing specific link for Internationally Trained Applicants. Website to include the following items in an application package:

• Creation of a step by step process to ensure the applicant has clear information on how to proceed

• MARRT website to clearly define information on criteria for entry to practice requirements. Create a checklist for applicant identifying the requirements necessary for individual's eligibility to proceed with license application.

• Include a detailed description of documentation required.

• Identify the recognized language proficiency requirements

• Determine the language proficiency assessment/s to be considered acceptable

• For comparison and pre-evaluation purposes provide a template defining the competencies from the National Competency Profile that a Respiratory Therapist must possess to ensure license eligibility. Allows for cross-referencing from both the applicant and the licensing body.

• Potential to create a link for an online knowledge-based self-assessment.

• Documentation readily accessible to applicants.

• Use screen shots of website as much as possible to make the process clear and easy to understand for all license applicants.

There is a need to ensure systematic communication throughout the registration process.• Template created that triggers acceptance of the application and initializes the chronological record

• Template to describe anticipated length of time required for each step to be completed

• To ensure continuity of the process and progression of the anticipated timeline all communication between license applicant and licensing body to be time and date stamped

• Ensure creation of open file with contact information to enable ongoing two-way communication between MARRT and the applicant

There is a need to provide information about the MARRT’s policies regarding the translation of documents and review documentation requirement to ensure relevance as well as efficiency for applicants. • Supplied documents are translated into official language of the regulatory body. MARRT to specify that requested documentation to be translated into English prior to submission.

• Discussion on best practice for translation of submitted credentials

• Discussion on flexibility for acceptance of original documents, certificates etc. MARRT to create policy to reflect process.

There is a need to implement a strategy to verify the authenticity of documents.• Develop procedure for determining/verify authenticity of submitted documents (must be outsourced to government agency as recommended by government of Manitoba). Potential organisations are: Wes (Ontario), IQAS (Alberta), and ICAS ( British Columbia)

There is a need to provide information on qualifications to be assessed, through verification stating accredited educational institution where credential was obtained is recognized by the NARTRB from a curriculum, credential and accreditation perspective.

• Requires development and access to national database containing educational bodies from around the world and the decision/recommendation on recognition for licensure eligibility
There is a need to improve the assessment for Foreign Qualifications.• Competency benchmarks to be assessed by 3rd party assessor

• Cognitive assessment done by 3rd party assessor using the National Competency Profile

• Psychomotor assessment can be done by 3rd party assessor

• Create a process to evaluate whether we could partially or fully accommodate the provision of the identified competencies that are required.

• Communicate with the University of Manitoba to discuss the possibility of integrating the applicants locally. Action: discussion with the University of Manitoba to see if they can accommodate 1 or possibly 2 seats for foreign applicants

There is a need to develop policies detailing the process an IERT would follow in their pursuit of recognition and eventual licensure within the profession Assessment statement is issued to the applicant

• Policy to track all communication from an archival aspect including all dates and times and outcomes of contacts during the process

• Policy required detailing outcome statements in each stage of the process with mechanism for appeal in each stage

• Template developed indicating the final recommendation of either full program; bridging program

• Policy to include reason for decision if result is negative, and process that applicant is informed of their possibility for appeal

• Ensure the appeals process currently in the Act sufficiently meets the requirements of an appeal from the IEHP

Clearly defined next steps and options included with the outcome statement

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