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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s recommendations, Manitoba Education has developed both near term and longer term strategies in the following Action Plan. 

The nearer term strategies are:

Action PlanComplete
1. Engage the advisory body to the Minister of Education on matters related to teacher education and certification, the Teacher Education and Certification Committee (TECC), in the process of considering and reviewing the OMFC recommendations with respect to fairly assessing internationally educated teachers for certification.

2. Develop criteria to consider how the work experience of internationally educated teachers, who have completed a professional teacher education program, can be assessed against the existing academic standard and be applied for credit.

3. Remove the practice of considering secondary academic attainment, completed prior to finishing a professional teacher education program, in assessing the academic credentials of internationally educated teachers. Develop policy to address applicants previously evaluated under this practice.

4. Expand the information provided to applicants deemed not immediately eligible for certification to make clear the reasons for this decision.

5. Work with OMFC to revise and improve information and communication materials related to teacher certification and the practice of teaching in Manitoba including labour market information.

6. Research pan-Canadian English language proficiency benchmarks as well as consult with Manitoba Labour and Immigration to better determine the level of English language proficiency needed to support successful teaching in the classroom.

The longer term strategies are:

Action PlanComplete
1. Provide the Teacher Education and Certification Committee’s recommendations to the Minister of Education by Spring 2012 for the Minister’s consideration and decision concerning an appropriate course of follow-up.

2. Implement a more formal reconsideration process as part of a stronger appeal process and to integrate the underlying principles of successful outcomes into future assessment practice.

3. Collaborate with the faculties of education in Manitoba post-secondary institutions to explore opportunities to:

a. ensure that specialized courses specifically relevant to the Manitoba educational context are available to internationally educated teachers pursuing upgrading.

b. develop and incorporate a supervised teacher practicum designed to support the success of internationally educated teachers.

c. review pre-service education program outcomes, and in consultation with TECC, articulate entry level teacher competencies based on those outcomes.

4. Collaborate with the OMFC to determine if financial support from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada should be pursued for activities which support The Action Plan.

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