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Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner


In response to the Fairness Commissioner’s Recommendations, the Psychological Association of Manitoba proposed the following action plan as of July 2013. 

1. With regard to the assessment and registration information, that PAM provide clear, complete and accurate information about:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.The qualification requirements for the various categories of registration;PAM will undertake a review and revision of its Registration Information, as posted on its website. In so doing, information re: the various classes of registration and their respective requirements will be clarified, and written in language that is more easily understood. We will also provide additional information on the PAM oral exam, including material outlining the scoring rubric being developed.

b.The purpose, content, format and scoring criteria for PAM’s Oral Interview and Exam;Included in the above revisions will be a clearer description of the various titles available to PAM registrants, and the rights/privileges attached to each.

c.The right to title and description of practice PAM’s licensure confers;Finally, once PAM receives information from the OMFC on financial support opportunities available to IEAs, it will place links to this information on its website under the section specifically designated for IEAs.

d.Fee payment options, financial support opportunities and professional upgrading opportunities;
e.Assessment result timelines, key dates and realistic time and cost range for the registration process; In the website section that outlines registration requirements, PAM will add information which speaks to typical time frames for completion of registration requirements, noting that cases will vary depending on the speed with which applicants forward documentation to PAM, and how quickly supervision and exams are completed.

f.Access to records and the possibility of alternative documentation.PAM will inform applicants (through its website) of their right to receive portions of their application file (on request), excluding information that held reasonable expectations of privacy (e.g., letters of reference) or security (e.g., examinations) upon initial submission to PAM.

2. With respect to the appeal process:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.That PAM provide complete, clear and accurate appeal information in the registration material, including timelines and the process to initiate appeal;

In its Registration Information on the PAM website, we will create a separate tab labeled Appeals, where information on the appeal process will be provided. This information will also be added to decision letters, where a registration denial is made.

b.That the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology be subject to appeal and that PAM contact the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards responsible for the administration of the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology to request formal appeal opportunities be established.

PAM will communicate this request to ASPPB (the owner of the EPPP), with the understanding that the decision making power on this lies solely with ASPPB.


May 2013
OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
3. That with regard to PAM’s documentation requirements, applicants are no longer required to arrange for the third party submission of educational transcripts twice; once to WES or an approved credential assessment agency and then again to PAM.

Provided WES (or whatever 3rd party assessor is used) will provide copies of these transcripts to PAM, we will not require applicants to resubmit them to us. We do require copies of these transcripts however, in order to determine the appropriate practice areas (rosters) into which applicants should be placed. The 3rd party assessor cannot and will not determine this, and transcripts are an invaluable source of data to assist in this determination.

4. That for permanent residents, PAM no longer requires criminal record and child abuse registry checks from their country of origin.

Provided the CIC checks also speak to issues of child abuse/endangerment, PAM will agree to use the CIC checks in lieu of locally obtained ones. We do however reserve the right to request updated local checks of IEAs once they are registered, as we may for all other registrants.

5. With respect to PAM’s English language proficiency requirement:

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
a.That PAM identify English language proficiency criteria based on the demands of professional practice, as well as identify the proficiency demands of the assessment process;

PAM will work with content experts (hopefully facilitated through the OMFC) to establish the English language proficiency benchmark for the practice of Psychology, as well as for the process of application to PAM.

b.That PAM provide information about the importance of English language proficiency and how applicants may meet the requirement.

PAM will look to the OMFC and other experts in EAL and language proficiency to assist in guiding IEAs as they work towards gaining requisite language proficiency. The rationale for English language proficiency will be explained in the IEA section of the PAM website.

OMFC RecommendationAction PlanComplete
6. That PAM implement a pro-active communication strategy, contacting applicants whose applications are incomplete or have missing documents.

Meeting this recommendation will be difficult, as to do so will require efforts that are currently beyond the reach of PAM's staffing and financial resources. Until such time as we can do so however, we will clearly highlight the importance of applicants keeping abreast of their applications and regularly checking with the Registrar to determine the status of their applications. This is the system currently in place, which for the most part, has been working well.

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